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Using popular foods as inspiration, The Edgy Veg recreates childhood cravings for your sophisticated palette and food-nerd obsessions. Love what you eat!


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Vegan Crunchwrap Recipe

Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme Recipe

| Easy Vegan Dinners, Easy Vegan Lunch, Vegan Recipes | One Comment

I will admit, I have never had any thing from Taco Bell. My mother is a vegetarian and so as kids we never really ate at Fast Food places all…

vegan Bounty Bars recipe

Homemade Bounty Bar Recipe

| Easy Vegan Desserts, Vegan Recipes | No Comments

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows about my total obsession with chocolate. I am going to say obsession as opposed to addiction, because the A-word…

vegan ice cream recipe

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

| Easy Vegan Desserts, Vegan Recipes | One Comment

I used to hate mint things. In my opinion mint was reserved for chewing gum and toothpaste. BUT one day, when I was a young lass, I was at a…

Vegan Honey Mustard Sauce

Spicy “Honey” Mustard Dipping Sauce

| Episodes, Sauces, Sauces and Dressings, Vegan Recipes | One Comment

Let’s face it; there is nothing better than dipping sauce. I am a grown-ass adult and I still love to dip most of my food into some sort of creamy…

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